COVID-19 Response Plan

In order to keep our staff and customers safe this strawberry season we have developed the following Covid-19 response plan.

  1. All employees and customers entering Rod’s Berry Farm agree to follow guidelines set forth by the CDC, MN Department of Health and this farm; with regards to social distancing, use of face coverings, good hygienic practices and consideration for others.
  2. We ask that people (including our employees) who are showing symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough, etc.) to remain home to lessen the risk of community transmission.
  3. Customers will not be required to wear masks while picking in the field. Our field supervisor will appropriately assign rows in the field to make social distancing by household groups possible.
  4. Families will need to keep their children closely supervised in order for them to maintain social distancing.
  5. We request that when social distancing cannot be maintained that customers wear masks.
  6. We will provide hand washing stations for customers and employees to use before and after picking in the field.
  7. We ask that berries not be consumed while picking, please wash your hands after leaving the field and consuming your berries.
  8. Covid-19 is not a food borne illness. The CDC reports there is no evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted through food. However food safety is always important, so good agricultural practices are a high priority at Rod’s Berry Farm.
  9. We will regularly sanitize and disinfect bathrooms and all communal surfaces throughout the day.
  10. For people with weakened immune systems we recommend you order pre-picked berries.
  11. We ask that only one person per group check out at the weigh station.