Strawberry Jam Tips

When making jam for our family we usually just follow the directions found inside the pectin box – we use SureJell. Any pectin will work, but make sure you follow the directions for the pectin you choose.

  • Use the exact amount of sugar, fruit and pectin to ensure a good set. Reducing the sugar levels, using sugar substitutes, or doubling the recipe often means the batch will not set.
  • Fruit should be kept at room temperature in order to help the sugar dissolve. Crush strawberries one cup at a time; if using a blender use the pulse on/off setting rather than pureeing.
  • You may use frozen Rod’s Berry Farm strawberries (unsweetened) for the recipe. Thaw the fruit to room temperature and use in the same quantities as if using fresh fruit.
  • For freezer jam, remember to use clean plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.