What to Expect

Check out our COVID-19 page to read about changes for this berry season.

What to expect for U-Pick Strawberries:

When you drive up to the farm we have a parking lot near our weigh station. Someone will be at/near the weigh station to greet you. You can either bring your own containers or use the boxes we provide. If you bring your own containers we will weigh them before you head out to the fields to pick (that way you don’t pay for the weight of your container when we weigh your strawberries).

After you have picking containers we will bring you out to the field we are picking on for the day. Depending on the field it is either a short walk or we will take you there on a trailer ride.

We will show you what row to pick on and remember to pick the whole row you are placed on, many times the best berries are hiding under the leaves. Once you have filled up your containers move the flag in your row to the place where you stopped, that way the next person can pick up where you left off. Walk to the edge of the field and we will be back around with the trailer to give you a ride back to the weigh station.

Bring your picked berries up to the weigh station to weigh and pay for your berries.

Near the weigh station we have flush toilets and a hand washing station. Out in the field fields we have a porta pottie.

Dress according to the weather, its a good idea to bring sunscreen, water, a hat, sunglasses, and a picking container.

Call us with any other questions you have or if you wish to order ready picked berries: 651-674-4172